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Being a Bali lover and a frequent visitor to Bali, in August 2004, some friends and I came across a great opportunity to build a villa (off the plans) at a new complex that was about to commence,  “Ocean Valley Village” in Ungasan on the southern Bukit.


One of the company Directors, Mark, came and collected us from our hotel in Kuta and took us to view the land of the proposed villa complex.  Slipping and sliding down the tiered nature of the block while listening to Mark explain the “vision” he had - we tried to imagine villas on the various tiers of land, the main pool area and landscaping including waterfalls trickling down between the villas.  We sat down with Mark back at the hotel, and went through the figures and discussed all manner of things including the villa management and ownership for a foreigner investing in Bali, etc.

Within 24 hours our mind was made up to purchase in this new exciting project.  It was affordable, cheaper than any property we could ever invest in back in Perth, and the thought of having a home in beautiful Bali, was something we found very attractive.


Regular photos were provided by email and the website showing the progress of our villa and on our regular trips back to Bali, Mark would always come and collect us to take us out to view progress on the development of 23 villas.  It was a mammoth project, so many villas with varying floorplans, changes being done, and just witnessing the way things are built in Bali manually, in itself created some memorable experiences. (I really take my hat off to these guys).


Then finally the trip came around where we could move into our new “Wong Villa” – how exciting!  We had a great time, getting our furniture (pre-ordered) delivered, and going out buying all the little bits and pieces that make a house a home.   Our own little “home away from home” complete with a lovely landscaped private pool area in the back yard, and in Paradise, no less.  Indeed we were as happy as pigs in mud! 


One day lazing around the pool, soaking up the Bali villa life, we thought we’d like a little garden shed to store things in…easy…next trip to Bali we found the garden shed…another room added onto the villa and there it is!!  It’s the best garden shed you ever did see!


We soon learnt of another development that Mark & his team were about to embark on in Tanjung Benoa, some upmarket larger villas in a terrific Harbourside location.  So, again we went and checked the block of land and did our little tour to see what was around the area….again, figures were talked, plans viewed, and together, this time with some more friends, we went in together to build a villa at the Benoa Quay Harbourside Villa complex.  A much easier project overall, 9 villas only, on a nice flat block of land right on the harbour…. Time seemed to fly by on this project and before we knew it we were being told our villa would soon be complete.

 Bill Kearns

Another trip to Bali (don’t you love it), having again pre-ordered furniture and the time came when we could move into our new “Wong Quay Villa”.   Fantastic – this villa is something else and we are absolutely thrilled with it.  The location is unreal, close to everything you could ever need, wonderful views across the harbour, a nice mix of traditional Bali with splashings of new. There is nothing we don’t love about this villa and Benoa Quay Harbourside Villas.


I really would like to say to Mark, Danny & all your team, a big thank you for the opportunities you have given me personally.  I am absolutely in love with the villas, the 2 villa complexes are both great, each with their own atmosphere and all in amongst the wonderful Balinese people and their culture.  

But probably above all, the door you have opened to new experiences and friendships in Bali is something I am personally grateful for.  As we say at Wong Villa, “the door is always open…”.   I look forward to many more happy times in Bali, staying in the villas, and sharing your company and that of other friends, over a nice cold Bintang.  Cheers guys and thank you!


Good luck on your future developments, if they are one half as good as what we’ve ended up with, then they’ll be a wonderful success.


Ceningan Cove on Ceningan Island

WOW – when ever did we think that we could be a part of something so beautiful as owning a home on an island in the tropics.  This was meant for the rich and famous yeh?  Well as it happens we were lucky enough to meet these terrific guys originally from Perth that took on a task to make this dream come true.  Their communication with the local community leaders has been a task in itself as Ceningan Island is an eco island.  The people their now have an opportunity beyond their expectations.

One of the most exhilarating times we have when holidaying in Bali, is to head off to the islands and go snorkelling on the way and cruise down the turquoise waterway towards our new home.  The people are fantastic and the guys making this all come to light are truly great.  They always make sure we have a great time, that the buildings are going along to plan.  The lack of vehicles and dogs is quite rewarding in itself.  

What a truly beautiful place.  We are so proud to be a part of it all.

Thanks guys for being a huge part in our new life and I reckon we’ll be friends forever.

Di and Greg


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