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Imagine if it were possible for you to own your dream home in Bali for just a small share of the cost of buying the property outright.

At Investment Bali we not only realise that you have the dream but we can make that dream come true.

Ceningan Island is Bali’s best kept secret. Situated between Lembongan and Penida Islands just off the south-east coast of Bali it is surrounded by world-class dive sites and spectacular tropical beaches.

Constructed using solid Bengkirai hardwood our villas are designed to fit in with the islands dazzling tropical landscape. You can now invest in either a 2 bedroom home with glorious views overlooking the Badung Strait to Bali for just AU$25.000 using our shared ownership model or would you prefer a water front chalet situated amongst palm trees with a private jetty and crystal clear water for just AU $10.000 shared ownership?

Q: What is Shared Ownership?

A: Shared Ownership is the shared ownership of the freehold of a property, that allows a division of unconnected people the ownership of a property, into shares.

Q: But isn’t this just Time Share?

A: No it is not. Time Share is ownership that involves the acquisition of a specific period of time in a vacation home or resort. The key difference between Time Share and Shared Ownership is that with Time Share only “time” is purchased and with Shared Ownership you purchase occupation rights based on freehold ownership, so you actually own an asset that may increase in value, may be sold and may be passed on to future generations.

Q: So is the unit Freehold or Leasehold?

We have both freehold and leasehold properties available. 

Q: How does it work?

A: When you buy, for example, a 1 month share of the property, you are actually buying a 1/12th share of the freehold of that property with documentation drawn up to support your ownership. A copy of this documentation and the freehold title is held in trust by a legal firm with all relevent Indonesian authorities made aware of the shared ownership of title.

Q: How does the occupancy work for each buyer?

A: The purchase entitles you to use the property for a designated period of time every year on a rotating basis.

Shared Ownership is an extremely cost efficient method of purchasing a holiday home. Research has shown that on average owners occupy their holiday property for a maximum of 8 weeks per annum, therefore by opting for Shared Ownership you are paying only a share of what it would cost to purchase a property outright.

Q: Can a Share be sold at any time?

A: Should you wish to sell your share there is a simple procedure for resale which incurs minimal expense, particularly when compared to an outright sale which would incur substantial legal fees and expenses. The share may be sold at any time at a current realistic market value return. Owners are obliged to offer their share to the other owners at the current market value agreed sales price before they can place it on the open market, as other owners in your property may want to increase their holding. There is a clear procedure in place for this that the management company will arrange for you and a nominal fee is payable.

Q: Can I rent out the property when I cannot use my allocated time?

A: There is the opportunity to rent out the share either to friends, family, co-owners or the day to day rental market if the former does not apply. These and other rentals may be arranged through the developer’s Management Company.

Q: Does the property include a hotel operation as well as a shared ownership operation?

A: Yes, all our developments have the option for walk in customers to stay in the properties. Also, our website actively promotes our developments and has the facility to take on-line bookings. Occupation is given on a rotational basis and is controlled by the management company.

Q: What does the management company charge for renting your unit to a third party?

A: We charge 20% of the rental price achieved. This is a full service management service including change of bed linen, room cleaning every day etc as would be expected if staying in a hotel room.

Q: Is the month fixed or rotating?

A: When you purchase a monthly share your month rotates on a 3 month rotation. When you purchase one month you are given 2 other months in that shares rotation. That is to say you have a different month every year for 3 years and then it returns to the original month and rotates again. This gives every buyer the greater flexibility of having 3 different months at different times of the year and makes every monthly share as valuable as each other.

Q: How are Shared Ownership expenses divided?

A: In shared ownership arrangements involving a single home, operating expenses such as insurance, maintenance, repairs, improvements, utilities and management are divided in proportion to ownership.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email or call us. Alternatively our informative staff are always available from our marketing offices in Kuta and Tanjung Benoa so just drop by and we’ll show you your new dream villa in person.

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