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Thinking of investing in Indonesia or maybe you are about to take an extended stay in Bali? Perhaps you have considered buying a villa and retiring on this beautiful holiday island, many Australians do.

How do you go about it?
What rules do you have to follow?
How long can you stay?
Do you have to pay taxes?
What visas are available and how much do they cost?

With years of experience in all things pertaining to Indonesian law our company and affiliated legal partners are able to help, advise and organise all your visa and permit needs. From setting up a business as a foreigner in Indonesia, to obtaining a working permit, company license (C.V., P.T. or P.M.A.), business visa or building licenses (IMB's) our company will help you navigate your way through the legalities.

We pride ourselves on not only taking care to ensure that all your visa and business needs are met but also the after sales service we provide for all our clients.

We can advise, prepare and submit all manner of government required forms and can provide consultancy in the areas of immigration to Indonesia, retirement in Indonesia, foreign ownership of land, and Indonesian law in General.

As an Australian managed Indonesian company operating in Indonesia for many years we are well aware of the problems encountered by foreign nationals seeking to operate or live in Indonesia; thus we are confident that our company will be able to provide you with secure legal contracts to ensure dispute free business operations and offer helpful tips regarding staffing, suppliers, landlords, and Indonesian business dealings in general.




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