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i Bali Newsletter:

The i Bali newsletter is a monthly news letter which includes information and advice for those seeking to invest in Indonesia, accommodation in Bali, Bali tour discounts, upcoming Bali events etc.

i Bali is designed to help, entertain and reward those of you that have taken the time to subscribe to our newsletter, with this in mind any one who has now subscribed is automatically eligible to receive a twenty percent discount on any of our boat tours or charters, please subscribe using the contact us area of this website.

Also please remember to invite your friends and associates to subscribe to iBali so that you can take part in our internet referral program where members of our newsletter who get a high number of referrals, will be offered the opportunity to earn income rewards, vouchers, and discounts all for simply introducing our company newsletter to potential clients.

Our project development company, Investment Bali, is soon to reach its tenth anniversary of property development in Bali. With this in mind we would like to affirm our commitment to our quality product by informing you of some positive events and changes to our company that will occur in the very near future.

1.Investment Bali would like to announce that two new projects are now under way, The Ceningan Island Condotel will be will be located on Ceningan Island and be located on the high cliffs on the southwest end of the Island, bordered on both sides by beaches, one of which has its very own quality surf break.

Designed for holiday accommodation we envisage our Ceningan Island apartments will be utilized by divers, fishermen, ocean enthusiasts and the general Bali tourist as an exclusive retreat. Furthermore, we are confident that Ceningan islands' accommodation will soon become a much sought after Bali holiday destination and a successful venture that pays high returns in the rental or long term investment market.

2. The i Bali Lifestyle resort complex is designed for the discerning investor who has come to understand that expensive doesn’t always equal taste, that flair walks hand in hand with elegance and that subtle refinements can showcase style and grace. Each villas interior design will be personally supervised by a passionate and highly qualified team dedicated to sourcing the uppermost excellence in all products, fittings and furnishings for every luxury apartment, ensuring a completed apartment appointed in true elegant style.

3. Three new websites are under construction and we expect they will be functioning early next month.

(i). Our Indonesian based website address will be and it will offer a range of exciting new opportunities, ventures and information concerning investment pertaining to Indonesia.

(ii). A new Australian website is being constructed and will be linked to its Indonesian counterpart. We believe this will be a necessary tool in helping to explain the full range of services and investment opportunities Investment Bali now offers.

(iii)., is a website that will be dedicated solely to the projects that are currently under way on Ceningan Island: Ceningan Cove (cliff top villas), Paradise Cove and all of our future projects on Ceningan Island. This new website will also contain pages detailing travel tips, history, myths and legends, surfing locations, dive sites etc and should be a wealth of information to anyone with an interest in Ceningan Island, Lembongan Islands' best kept secret.

4. Escorted Business trips will soon be available and these will be able to be booked online via the Australian arm and website of Investment Bali. A full explanation of escorted business trips, the activities you can expect, prices/times etc will be placed on our website.

5. Investment Bali is no longer just a development company, some of the new services we will be offering include:

(i). Fractional or 'Shared' Ownership.

This is an extremely cost efficient method of purchasing a holiday home in Bali. Shared ownership of freehold property allows a division of unconnected people the shared ownership of a Bali property that an ownership group can utilise either for a rental return or as a holiday retreat. Shared ownership for the owner of a Bali villa allows the  owners to realise a return on the villa without the necessity of a purchasing a villa outright. A full explanation of our shared ownership structure will be available on our new website.

(ii). Legal Consultation.

With years of experience in all things pertaining to Indonesian law our company is able to help, advise and organise all your visa and permit needs - from setting up a business as a foreigner in Indonesia, to obtaining a working permit - company license (C.V, P.T, or P.M.A.) or business visa or building licenses (IMB) our company will help you navigate the legal system here in Bali. A page on our new website will be dedicated to informing and advising individuals seeking to invest in Bali what is needed and who they can contact for all licenses, visa’s etc they might need.

(iii). Boat Sales, Charters and Tours.

Investment Bali has recently acquired a 20 metre ocean going motor cruiser called Glen Eagle. We are also in the process of restoring a 17 metre traditional Indonesian timber fishing boat and this, combined with our 7.5m speed boat Wolverine also available we find we are now in the position to not only move into the boat tour and charter area of tourism in Bali but with contacts and knowledge gained about the Indonesian boating industry we envision moving into the boat sale market, a section on our new websites will be dedicated to this.

Past customers who had the foresight to invest with our company have enjoyed remarkable capital growth in their investments and we envisage this trend will carry on well into the future.

With this in mind we have taken the opportunity to grow our company into areas that we feel will best assist our customers with investment information and advice. We foresee that the new Investment Bali websites will be a wonderful instrument to help facilitate our undertaking that all past, present and future investors and clients are rewarded with the best possible service our company can offer.

On that note we would like to thank all our clients for the faith they have placed in us and we are proud to declare that your belief in the future of Bali investment looks exciting indeed.


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