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Investment Bali pride our selves on the ability to take the uncertainty out of doing business in Indonesia, with years of experience Investment Bali has to date successfully completed and sold three major developments in Bali and is in the process of completing a forth Island development.

We at I Bali ascribe the success of all of our projects to four main factors:

Simple explanations on purchasing and legal advice - The team at Investment Bali consists mainly of expatriates who have made Bali their home and as such they have a unique understanding of the region and can answer all the enquiries you may have with regard to investment in Bali.

Communication - We at I Bali afford our clientele a wide range of communication from our interactive website where owners can answer the queries or check on the growth potential of there investment to our hands on legal and consultancy staff, to our monthly news letter entitled Investment Bali which includes information and advice for those seeking to invest in Indonesia.

Growth Potential – I Bali always endeavors to find the most unique locations and preeminent investment opportunities that offer secure and beneficial investment opportunities at a competitive price. Any project we undertake is with a view to our client’s future investment opportunity and capital growth capacity in mind. 

Peace of Mind - We at I Bali recognise our client's desire for their investment to provide them with a secure and valuable asset and with Investment Bali peace of mind is of the uppermost importance for any venture or we undertake on behalf of our clients.

These four major principals are fundamental to the Investment Bali team and we consider them essential for any client considering an investment with our company. An undertaking with I Bali is an opportunity to obtain professional advice supplied in an easy to understand manner and risk free opportunity for profitable return on initial investment in Bali.

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